HomeWork Hotline

Homework Hotline is a live online interactive interface designed for all students in our program.
The program provides the tools students need to succeed both in and out of the classroom, and
supports academic achievement across a variety of learning standards.

Our main goal is to support student learning by making connections between classroom content
and real world situations.

(571) 295-4971
Sunday through Thursday
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

The Applied Tutoring Service Homework Hotline, is to support middle, high school and college students in participating in building their math skills by providing easily accessible, friendly, and quality assistance.

Students in our Homework Hotline Program can call in with questions in the following subject areas:
General math
Applied Tutoring Service HOMEWORK HOTLINE TUTORS will jump right in to ASSIST student callers with their math homework. No…they won’t do their homework for them, but they will help clarify where the student is having trouble, and will help guide them to arrive to the correct answer themselves.

Here is what to expect from the tutor when calling in to the hotline:
“Thank you for calling the Homework Hotline at Applied Tutoring Service. This is (first name). May I ask what school you attend?”
“What level of math are you working on?”
“What do you have a question on this evening?”

All Applied Tutoring Service programs have policies in place to ensure the safety of its participants are not compromised. All Homework Hotline staff are trained in protocols to protect youth, as well as in all relevant internal and external reporting requirements and have the appropriate state and federal clearances to work with minor children.

Parents are encouraged to notify the Homework Hotline supervisor at admin@appliedtutor.com or (571) 295-4971 immediately if they, or their child, are experiencing problems or difficulties, or have concerns about the program and/or staff. You may also contact Dr. Ratnam Pirapakaran, Homework Hotline programs coordinator.