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As a new student to Applied Tutoring Service you may register online by completing and submitting the new student form electronically. Homework hot line service is free on weekend.

As part of our pilot program, we will help you find out where your child is standing. Please follow the steps below:

  • Upload your child’s homework assignment to our website, along with their work. We’d prefer if your child actually tried to solve most of the questions on their own, so we can see their thought process. For this reason, please ensure your handwriting is neat, so that our faculty can review it and figure out what you’re having difficulties with.
  • Our team will review your child’s submitted assignment and provide them similar types of problems. We will post these problems in our website so that your child can practice. Your child has to complete the problems in a specified time that we allocate.
  • If your child completes our problems on time with considerable accuracy, we’ll acknowledge his or her success in the area. You can check the status of your child’s mastery in each subject on our website.
  • However, if your child is unable to complete the problems within the time limit, then we recommend finding a tutor or getting extra help.
  • We are a voluntary organization; we won’t charge you for our evaluations.
  • Our team works hard to cater to your needs, along with many other children as well. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot always answer to your requests promptly. We will however do our best to assist you in our own time.
  • As we mentioned previously, we don't solve your child's homework assignments. We only provide questions with similar concepts and offer explanations‡. That will lead your child to be successful in the class test.


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